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Why Work in Digital Marketing

According to LinkedIn, the "Digital Marketing Specialist" role is among the top 10 most in-demand jobs. The most requested jobs include social marketing, content strategy, SEO & analytics.

All these aspects of Digital Marketing are incredibly simple to get started with - meaning there's no barrier to entry for someone wanting a Digital Marketing Job.

Better yet, there's room to get started with a career in Digital Marketing regardless of age, experience or niche.

Finally, Digital Marketing offers many flexibilities a regular job can't - such as working from home, working unconventional hours and working in a job that doesn't require significant investment in training or certifications.


Due to our expansion we are currently hiring people to support our existing team.

Working for our company involves completing different Micro-Tasks, including:

  1. Posting Adverts.
  2. Promoting Websites.
  3. Creating & Promoting Marketing Images + Videos.
  4. Creating & Promoting Blog Posts
  5. Assisting Potential Customers.

All Micro-Tasks have one goal in mind - to help our clients businesses grow.

You will be able to complete Micro-Tasks using our bespoke online system.

On-Target basic pay is $15 per hour, but can be higher dependant on experience and the amount of Micro-Tasks completed.

No experience is required as full training and support are provided.

If you want to work with a highly recommended, innovative company and this sounds like a job that interests you then please Apply Now

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